Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.10.12 pm  Useful Resources and Links for new Mac users and switchers from Windows

Changing to a Mac is easier than you may think. Whether you want to learn how to find your way around your Mac, find out how to move your PC files to the Mac OS environment, figure out how to connect your printer, iPod, digital camera, or other iDevice, learn how to do those tasks you did on a PC on a Mac, learn how to use the large amount of free software that came with your Mac, or even find out what to do when things don’t go as planned, we usually have the answers.                                                                                                                      

Why switch to Mac?  Yes. You can get on the Internet via wireless networks everywhere. Yes. You can connect to networks (both Mac and PC). Yes.  .       Yes. You can run Windows on a Mac!   Yes you can run Microsoft Office on a Mac

Which Mac is right for you?

Where can I buy my new Mac?

JB Hi-Fi  Stocklands Shopping Centre  Hervey Bay, is an Apple Authorised Reseller.

They have the full range of Macs on display and carry good stocks most of the time. They also carry a large range of genuine Apple and Apple approved accessories like cables and adapters, external hard drives modems and routers. They also sell cases, covers and Apple TV. They have their own excellent extended warranty.  ExtendedCare_Online_v2

Apple Online Store direct by phone 133 622 or online. Most products are received within a few days and are shipped free of charge. If you intend to perform processor intensive activities like playing games, photo or video editing, consider ordering more RAM, and don’t forget to consider the Apple Extended Warranty There is a large choice of products and upgrades to choose from. If you modify your choice from the standard models, they may take longer to deliver.

Queensland Computers 5 Torquay Road Pialba,   Apple Authorised Reseller.

What do you do when you get your new Mac?  Join The Hervey Bay Mac Users GroupIf you need assistance setting up your new Mac, see our Help or Contact Page Page.  Help is available to install and set up your Mac for you at home.  Although Macs are very easy to use, a friendly helper can make life easier. You can transfer your Windows stuff using the Migration Assistant.

Apple Mac Support                                                                    

Make sure that you take a look the following FREE Applications so that you can open any video files that PC friends send to you in .wmv format.

Flip4Mac (now a small charge for the basic version)  VLC Player  Flash Player     This is still needed for some video content on websites

Although still a rarity to get infected with malware,  some Mac “experts”  now recommended that you install a virus/malware protection tool. There are many to choose from both free and commercial:

 Please contact me to discuss this as it remains a controversial topic. There are just too many to list here. If you choose not to, take care when surfing and opening email. However, there has been a huge increase in Adware and Malware affecting ALL computers and it is highly recommended that you install  Malwarebytes FREE version for Mac  and run it weekly.  Get it here:   If you feel safer running an Antivirus product, the most popular and easy ones to use are Avira or Avast  (take care when installing to read all options to avoid inadvertent VPN and Google Chrome Browser installation)

Useful Extensions which work in Safari   Using too many can slow Safari, choose carefully.  Look in the Safari Menu and go to Safari Extensions Gallery.   AdguardAdBlock Plus  or AdBlock Ultimate are a must if you hate flashing ads on webpages.They are easily turned on or off in Safari Maintenance Tips and Backup options in addition to Time Machine Application which is free and included with every Mac. You just need to purchase an External Hard Drive, size depends upon your Mac but 1TB is considered the minimum. Desktop mains powered Hard Drives are best for iMacs, smaller portable drives for Laptops

SuperDuper makes a bootable clone of your hard drive. This also requires an External Hard Drive.
 Onyx a very popular and reliable general maintenance tool, (Free)     Make sure you download the correct version for YOUR MacOS
Debit & Credit  A stand alone App, a simple  personal finance manager (free)
 Airy  Video downloader App for Safari.Also places Bookmark Bar tool
Useful Mac Help Sites
Mac Magazines

Most can be found in the Stocklands and other newsagents. They have a surprisingly very good collection of Mac magazines in Hervey Bay.

Unfortunately, “Mac” magazines nowadays are becoming uncommon and are dominated by iDevice content and subsequently they now contain less Mac information.

MacFormat   In my opinion, the best monthly print Mac Magazine (from UK) but quite expensive to buy or subscribe to here in Australia.    Australia is one of a very few countries outside the US to publish a local Mac magazine, Macworld Australia, the Australian version of Macworld. It is published bimonthly. I strongly recommend members take a look at it as it contains lots of information on all Apple products as well as the Mac

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