Our Group meets on the  first Tuesday**  of every month except January. 

**Date may be changed in November due to Melbourne Cup function  at Dan Dinna

You are welcome  to bring your Mac, pen, paper and a Flash Drive for possible sharing of non-commercial free software.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday  5th December 2017  at 1pm at 60 & Better, Dan Dinna House, 459, Boat Harbour Drive, Torquay. This venue is well equiped with good AV equipment, large screen and quality projector. The room is air conditioned and there are facilities for light refreshments.                     


Meetings  are aimed at all levels of experience with your Mac.  Current annual membership fee for 60 & Better Group is $10. Mac User Group meeting attendance fee is $3 including light refreshments. (non-financial 60 & Better members $5) Apple and Mac news is discussed along with a series of interesting topics to help members better understand their Mac hardware and software, Internet use, Security on line and general news about computing in general. Occasional presentations about Apple iDevices are made.