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Please note: HBMUG is primarily a Mac Computer User Group, the information on this page is of a general nature only. The best way to learn more  about your iDevice is to talk to a friend or another owner that you know who has experience, or refer to the following links or User Guides at the bottom of the page.

 New Apple AirPods   now shipping                 


New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now on sale            

New  iOS 10 All you need to know               

Which Phone for you?                                                                            

 How to Setup your devices       (See bottom of page for detailed User Guides)

• iPad  

• iPhone 

• iPod  


• Setting up the iPad and iPhone is really as easy as turning it on and following the on-screen instructions. However here are some resources to help if you get stuck!

 The easiest way to set up your iPad/iPhone is to connect to iTunes via USB cable         provided

• Setting up iCloud     

• User Guide for iPhone iOS 9    

User Guide for  iPhone iOS 10 

• User Guide for iPad iOS 9         

User Guide for iPad iOS10        

• For personal help with iPad and iPhone, see our Help and Contact Pages

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